Terms and Glossary
Helpful list of terms that we use at Make Sense Labs!


Sense Ecosystem Entities

Sense Chat

A messaging app produced by Make Sense Labs which utilizes the SENSE token as a utility.

Make Sense DAC

The decentralized governance body for Sense Chat and the SENSE token.

EOS Chat

The "v1" chat app based on chat via EOS accounts on the EOS Mainnet

⚡ SENSE Token

The native token which is used to buy services and resources from the Sense Chat ecosystem.

Sense Community

Users of the Sense Chat and EOS Chat apps and holders of the Sense Token.

Sense Token Protocol Functions

🔒 Token Locking

Users of Sense Chat can lock tokens for certain purposes - such as promoting a channel or vouching for another user. This is essentially the same as "staking" tokens, but we prefer to use the term "lock" since users can also "unlock" these tokens easily. The tokens are locked in a smart contract and can only be retrieved by the user who locked them.


A vouch is a vote of trust for another user. This is how users can build circles of trust in Sense Chat. Vouch is a user-initiated function that uses Token Locking.

Sense Chat Terms

🔑 Encryption Key

This is a cryptographic key that is used for encrypting and decrypting messages. In asymmetric encryption, there is a public key to encrypt a message and a private key to decrypt a message.