Sense Chat Roadmap
In an effort to increase transparency and foster discussion about our product development, we are providing a list of planned features. This is subject to change based on user-feedback / team goals.

Latest Update to Sense Chat

Latest and planned releases for Sense Chat are all listed in the roadmap.

2.2.3 - Channel, Activity, & Notification Enhancements

Released 4/20/2021
    Web previews for channels (with unfurling)
    Channel descriptions can now be added to each channel
    Improvements to text input/attaching Images/sending sense
    New content layout for channels
    Ellipsis menu on posts “...”
    Speed optimizations and enhancements
    Expanded Channel Notification settings
    Fixed decryption errors
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Planned Roadmap

2.3.0 - Chat / Group Enhancements

    UI Enhancements
    Improve content flagging / hiding.
    Reactions to messages in 1:1 chats / groups
    Add users to existing groups
    Emojis should be larger when 5 or less are sent

2.4.0 - Sense+ Blockchain Integration

We create on-chain transactions for many in-app activities currently, but the SENSE tokens are virtual tokens.
Sensians want to be able to import and export SENSE easily and quickly. We will enable this via a new web portal -
    Make SENSE available via In-App Purchase
    Launch interoperability

2.5.0 - Niftization (NFTization)

We will be integrating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT/Nifty) to give a provable ownership of channels and stickers to Sense Chat users. These tokens will be transferable / tradable in the Sense Chat app.
    Tokenization of channels (NFTs)
    Tokenized stickers in chat (NFTs)

Previous Releases

2.2.0 - Channel, Activity, & Notification Enhancements

Released 2/14/2021
    Create http links to each channel
    Spend SENSE to customize channel link
    Channel post sorting by SENSE pumped
    Activity and Notifications enhancements
    AntiSpam - Require / Request Vouches for new messages
Released 12/29/2020
    Channels now have permalinks available to allow channels to be shared easily so that new Sensians can join your channel -<linktochannel>
    Channel links can be customized for 100 SENSE.
    Added helpful information to channels newly created.
    Fixed admin permissions issues.
    Show SenseID instead of Display Name in Discovery list.

2.1.0 - Channel Enhancements

Released 12/8/2020
    Turn notifications on or off for each channel (on by default)
    You can now @ mention someone in a channel
    Added ability to search in channel discovery
    Channels are sorted by the amount of SENSE locked - the list of channels in Discover is sorted by the amount of SENSE locked to the channel.
    Anti-Abuse Technology for Channels - now you can press and hold a message to moderate easily. Choose delete for the additional option to mute a member right from their message.
    Channel founders can now add additional admins to post and moderate
    Channel @ mentions will show as a row in activity.
    Tapping a pump or mention in activity navigates to the relevant post in a channel.
    Emojis are large when there are 5 or less.
    UI Enhancements - header on all screens, styling of timestamps, replies, and lists.
    Additional enhancements for avatars and notifications Improved local caching on device

2.0.7 - Optimizations and Enhancements

Released 11/19/2020
    Ability to Add Admins to Channels
    Encrypted chat enhancements
    Enhancements to previews for posts / replies in channels
    Many performance and speed enhancements!

2.0.6 - Optimization and Performance Updates

Released 11/11/2020
    Improve encryption / decryption error handling.
    Prevent sending of encryption errors to recipient.
    Performance updates for messages, message lists, and navigation for chats, groups, and channels

2.0.5 - Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Released 10/31/2020
    Hotfix for encryption / decryption error caused by local key rotation

2.0.4 - Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Released 10/29/2020
    Message previews for links and images
    Updates to encryption / decryption
    Improve URL "unfurl" for preview of links
    Improve ability to delete replies in channels
    Earn button improvements
    Optimize speed and performance of all activities

2.0.3 - Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Released 10/23/2020
    Ability to Switch from Everybody Can Post to Admin Only
    Images and posts can now be deleted correctly by admins
    Updated correct display of members information
    Fix for long channel names overlapping back button
    Show replies from members in admin only replies
    Fixes to earning rate and earn button
    Center text on earning button
    Fix for system messages in chat from being duplicated
    Update scrolling with new messages
    Update chat bubble width and height
    Added collapsible header to threads in chats and groups
    Updated styles for smaller phones screen for post header and input max-height
    Redirect new users and cold start to navigate to discovery screen
    Fixed issues with bad sessions
    Change opt in text
    Other bug fixes and enhancements

2.0.2 - Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Released 10/14/2020
    Founder can Mute Channel Members
    Discover Channel Search
    Add Member Count and Founder Name to Discover
    Improved load speed for Discover
    Fix display of SenseID in channels
    Many channel bugs fixed
    Sense balance consistency
    Simplify Earning Button
    Create Convo - Better Search Filtering
    Show error screen on crash
    Lock screen orientation to portrait

2.0.1 - Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Released 10/5/2020
    Channels Discovery - Channels sorted by amount of tokens locked
    Channel details shows SenseIDs correctly
    Anyone can post to a channel. Fixed keyboard issues in replies
    Dynamic earning rate! The earning rate is not dynamically set based on activity
    Android Only - Earning is now easier to activate
    My Vouches shows the vouches you have made
    Many other bug fixes and performance updates!

2.0.0 - Beta Launch

Released 9/21/2020
We learned a lot since releasing EOS Chat. We have simplified the login process to use phone numbers - similar to other chat applications.
Initial release of the app for public beta using virtual tokens and testing out the functionality of channels (public chat) and 1:1/groups (private chat).
Users can earn and use SENSE. Activities for SENSE tokens: lock to vouch for a user (staking), lock to join channel (staking), send tokens to another user via transaction from profile or 1:1 chat and via pump in channel.
    Authentication via phone number / SMS - only hashes of phone numbers are stored and there is no search by phone number which enhances security
    Create profile with avatar image, SenseID, and Display Name
    Get initial reward for joining - 100 SENSE
    E2E Encrypted Chats with any Sense Chat user
    E2E Encrypted Group Chats with Sense Chat users
    Create Founder-only post channel
    Pumping of posts
    Sense Chat users can join a channel as a Member
    Members can reply to posts
    Founders can remove replies from members (moderation)
    Ability to vouch for another user by locking SENSE tokens.
    Earn SENSE by checking in daily on the activity page
    Earning rate changes based on a users’ activity in Sense Chat
    Notification shows daily rewards earned
    If earning is not enabled, send 3 notifications and then stop
    See all transaction activity.

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