Sense Chat Roadmap
In an effort to increase transparency and foster discussion about our product development, we are providing a list of planned features. This is subject to change based on user-feedback / team goals.

Latest Update to Sense Chat

Latest and planned releases for Sense Chat are all listed in the roadmap.

2.2.3 - Channel, Activity, & Notification Enhancements

Released 4/20/2021
  • Web previews for channels (with unfurling)
  • Channel descriptions can now be added to each channel
  • Improvements to text input/attaching Images/sending sense
  • New content layout for channels
  • Ellipsis menu on posts “...”
  • Speed optimizations and enhancements
  • Expanded Channel Notification settings
  • Fixed decryption errors
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Planned Roadmap

2.3.0 - Chat / Group Enhancements

  • UI Enhancements
  • Improve content flagging / hiding.
  • Reactions to messages in 1:1 chats / groups
  • Add users to existing groups
  • Emojis should be larger when 5 or less are sent

2.4.0 - Sense+ Blockchain Integration

We create on-chain transactions for many in-app activities currently, but the SENSE tokens are virtual tokens.
Sensians want to be able to import and export SENSE easily and quickly. We will enable this via a new web portal -
  • Make SENSE available via In-App Purchase
  • Launch interoperability

2.5.0 - Niftization (NFTization)

We will be integrating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT/Nifty) to give a provable ownership of channels and stickers to Sense Chat users. These tokens will be transferable / tradable in the Sense Chat app.
  • Tokenization of channels (NFTs)
  • Tokenized stickers in chat (NFTs)

Previous Releases

2.2.0 - Channel, Activity, & Notification Enhancements

Released 2/14/2021
  • Create http links to each channel
  • Spend SENSE to customize channel link
  • Channel post sorting by SENSE pumped
  • Activity and Notifications enhancements
  • AntiSpam - Require / Request Vouches for new messages
Released 12/29/2020
  • Channels now have permalinks available to allow channels to be shared easily so that new Sensians can join your channel -<linktochannel>
  • Channel links can be customized for 100 SENSE.
  • Added helpful information to channels newly created.
  • Fixed admin permissions issues.
  • Show SenseID instead of Display Name in Discovery list.

2.1.0 - Channel Enhancements

Released 12/8/2020
  • Turn notifications on or off for each channel (on by default)
  • You can now @ mention someone in a channel
  • Added ability to search in channel discovery
  • Channels are sorted by the amount of SENSE locked - the list of channels in Discover is sorted by the amount of SENSE locked to the channel.
  • Anti-Abuse Technology for Channels - now you can press and hold a message to moderate easily. Choose delete for the additional option to mute a member right from their message.
  • Channel founders can now add additional admins to post and moderate
  • Channel @ mentions will show as a row in activity.
  • Tapping a pump or mention in activity navigates to the relevant post in a channel.
  • Emojis are large when there are 5 or less.
  • UI Enhancements - header on all screens, styling of timestamps, replies, and lists.
  • Additional enhancements for avatars and notifications Improved local caching on device

2.0.7 - Optimizations and Enhancements

Released 11/19/2020
  • Ability to Add Admins to Channels
  • Encrypted chat enhancements
  • Enhancements to previews for posts / replies in channels
  • Many performance and speed enhancements!

2.0.6 - Optimization and Performance Updates

Released 11/11/2020
  • Improve encryption / decryption error handling.
  • Prevent sending of encryption errors to recipient.
  • Performance updates for messages, message lists, and navigation for chats, groups, and channels

2.0.5 - Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Released 10/31/2020
  • Hotfix for encryption / decryption error caused by local key rotation

2.0.4 - Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Released 10/29/2020
  • Message previews for links and images
  • Updates to encryption / decryption
  • Improve URL "unfurl" for preview of links
  • Improve ability to delete replies in channels
  • Earn button improvements
  • Optimize speed and performance of all activities

2.0.3 - Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Released 10/23/2020
  • Ability to Switch from Everybody Can Post to Admin Only
  • Images and posts can now be deleted correctly by admins
  • Updated correct display of members information
  • Fix for long channel names overlapping back button
  • Show replies from members in admin only replies
  • Fixes to earning rate and earn button
  • Center text on earning button
  • Fix for system messages in chat from being duplicated
  • Update scrolling with new messages
  • Update chat bubble width and height
  • Added collapsible header to threads in chats and groups
  • Updated styles for smaller phones screen for post header and input max-height
  • Redirect new users and cold start to navigate to discovery screen
  • Fixed issues with bad sessions
  • Change opt in text
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements

2.0.2 - Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Released 10/14/2020
  • Founder can Mute Channel Members
  • Discover Channel Search
  • Add Member Count and Founder Name to Discover
  • Improved load speed for Discover
  • Fix display of SenseID in channels
  • Many channel bugs fixed
  • Sense balance consistency
  • Simplify Earning Button
  • Create Convo - Better Search Filtering
  • Show error screen on crash
  • Lock screen orientation to portrait

2.0.1 - Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Released 10/5/2020
  • Channels Discovery - Channels sorted by amount of tokens locked
  • Channel details shows SenseIDs correctly
  • Anyone can post to a channel. Fixed keyboard issues in replies
  • Dynamic earning rate! The earning rate is not dynamically set based on activity
  • Android Only - Earning is now easier to activate
  • My Vouches shows the vouches you have made
  • Many other bug fixes and performance updates!

2.0.0 - Beta Launch

Released 9/21/2020
We learned a lot since releasing EOS Chat. We have simplified the login process to use phone numbers - similar to other chat applications.
Initial release of the app for public beta using virtual tokens and testing out the functionality of channels (public chat) and 1:1/groups (private chat).
Users can earn and use SENSE. Activities for SENSE tokens: lock to vouch for a user (staking), lock to join channel (staking), send tokens to another user via transaction from profile or 1:1 chat and via pump in channel.
  • Authentication via phone number / SMS - only hashes of phone numbers are stored and there is no search by phone number which enhances security
  • Create profile with avatar image, SenseID, and Display Name
  • Get initial reward for joining - 100 SENSE
  • E2E Encrypted Chats with any Sense Chat user
  • E2E Encrypted Group Chats with Sense Chat users
  • Create Founder-only post channel
  • Pumping of posts
  • Sense Chat users can join a channel as a Member
  • Members can reply to posts
  • Founders can remove replies from members (moderation)
  • Ability to vouch for another user by locking SENSE tokens.
  • Earn SENSE by checking in daily on the activity page
  • Earning rate changes based on a users’ activity in Sense Chat
  • Notification shows daily rewards earned
  • If earning is not enabled, send 3 notifications and then stop
  • See all transaction activity.