Sense Chat FAQ
This is an FAQ for the Sense Chat app.

How do I download Sense Chat?

Sense Chat is currently in private beta.

How does encryption work in Sense Chat?

Sense Chat uses end-to-end encryption (E2EE). Please refer to the section of this knowledge base called Sense Chat Encryption.

How do I increase my earning rate in Sense Chat?

The earning rate in Sense Chat is dynamic. Each users' activity in Sense Chat increases their earning rate, please see the SENSE Earning section of this site. (Note: While we are in beta, we are slowly releasing new ways to earn SENSE - please visit the Sense Chat Roadmap for more information.)

How do I create a channel?

You can create a channel by navigating to the channels page from the bottom navigation bar and tapping the create channel icon on the top right of the screen. Then you can add a picture, title and tap send.

How do I join a channel?

You can create a channel by navigating to the channels page from the bottom navigation bar and tapping the tab "Discover." From this tab, you can search for channels to join. Once you find one, tap the plus button. You'll be required to lock SENSE to the channel to join. This SENSE supports the channel by making it more discoverable and increases your earning rate. If you decide to leave, your SENSE will be returned to you.

Why do I have to lock SENSE to join a channel?

We believe that communities are better when each member has skin in the game. By locking SENSE to a channel, you support that channel which helps it grow. These SENSE tokens are still yours and if you decide to leave they will be returned to you which lowers the power of the channel and your earning rate.

How do I turn on my Earning Rate?

You can activate your Earning Rate by going to the activity page from the bottom navigation bar. Once there, tap and hold the earn button to activate it. When activated, you'll be able to earn SENSE for 24 hours. During that time you can increase the amount you earn by being active in the app. For more information on how you can increase your earning rate, check out our documentation.
After 24 hours, your earning rate will turn off. You will not earn any SENSE if you do not turn it back on.

How do I increase my earning rate?

First, you can't increase your Earning Rate if it isn't turned on so make sure your Earning Rate is turned on. You can increase the amount of SENSE you earn by being active in the app. For more information on how you can increase your Earning Rate, check out our documentation.

When are my chats encrypted?

Chats are encrypted in one-to-one conversations and groups.

Can I create multiple accounts?

We tie your phone number to your account to stop people from creating multiple accounts. We would prefer that you stick with one account on Sense Chat.

How many people can I invite to a group?

A group can hold a max number of 50 people. If you want to have more we suggest opening up a channel.

What does the SENSE locked to my channel do?

The more SENSE you have locked to your channel the higher up on the "Discover" tab it will appear. This will make your channel easier for new users to find and join.

What is SenseID?

A SenseID is like a username or social media handle. It's how you can be tagged in conversations and will be tied to wallets you attach. At this point, a SenseID is not editable so make sure you pick the right one when you first sign up.

How do I change my profile picture?

You can change your profile by tapping the top left burger icon (three white lines stacked on top of each other surrounded by a purple outline) and then tapping "Edit Profile. From there, you can tap your profile image and upload a new picture.

What is Vouching?

Vouching helps prevent people from impersonating others. By Vouching for someone, you're claiming that this account can be trusted and this person is who they say they are. After you Vouch for someone, other members can see you who you Vouched for creating trust. More features are coming that Vouching will affect, so Vouch wisely!

What is Pumping?

Pumping in the world of Sense Chat is what you do when you enjoy content in a channel and want to reward the individual for posting it. At Sense Chat, we also use pumping to reward our members for completing activities or playing games. What do I pump, you may be asking? You pump SENSE! We believe this is more powerful than a like because it brings value to the content creator.
When you pump a post not only does it reward the creator of that post but it also makes that post more visible. By organizing your posts by "Top" you can view content by which have the most pumps of SENSE.
The more you pump, the more you encourage others to do so and it increases your earning rate. So, get pumping!

How do I report a bug?

You can report a bug by opening Sense Chat and shaking or moving your phone from side to side or back and forth. You don't have to shake your phone hard! We don't want you throwing your phone out the window. Once you shake your phone a window will appear. There you can report a bug.

Who is allowed to post a message on my channel?

You can allow Everyone to post or Admins Only. By allowing Everyone that means any member of the channel may post. If you choose Admins Only, only the admins can post a message but members can still reply in a thread to each message.